Board of Directors

The board of directors of Steel Connect, Inc. (NASDAQ: STCN) sets high standards for its employees, officers and directors. Steel Connect, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and corporate governance. As such, we have adopted a code of conduct and ethics which, in conjunction with our Board Committee Charters, form the framework for governance of the company.

Warren G. Lichtenstein-Board of Directors

Warren G. Lichtenstein

Executive Chairman

Glen M. Kassan-Board of Directors

Glen M. Kassan

Board Member

Jack L. Howard-Board of Directors

Jack L. Howard

Board Member

Jeffrey J. Fenton-Board of Directors

Jeffrey J. Fenton

Board Member

Jeffrey S. Wald-Board of Directors

Jeffrey S. Wald

Board Member

Joe Martin-Board of Directors

Joe Martin

Board Member

Renata Simril-Board of Directors

Renata Simril

Board Member